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Paul Andrews has over 20 years martial arts experience specialising in traditional Hebei Style Xing Yi Quan. This unique style has been passed down from three different lines to Xing Yi Academy creating an art with a huge amount of content and depth. Online membership will give you a gateway to understanding this art, supported along the way by Paul and the Xing Yi Academy team

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Xing Yi is a rare martial art, even in China it can be difficult to find a good teacher nearby. Wherever you are you can get access to Xing Yi Academy and Paul through the members website, email support, Private Facebook Group and Slack Discussion Group.

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Sometimes life gets in the way, we have other responsibilities. Log in and train whenever suits you. Our online courses can be worked through systematically and you can go back over material whenever you like. Live online classes are recorded and added to the members area for review anytime.

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We want to pass on our art to the next generation not simply sell some routines and techniques. That is why there are ways to interact and get feedback directly from Paul. From a weekly training routine, to providing feedback on your training videos, or answering questions via email, this is a personal learning experience.

Constantly updating

Content is added each week, from new recordings to supplementary information, links, additional training ideas and more. The members area will become a repository for a wealth of Xing Yi training and research information that just keeps getting bigger and better with time.

Xing Yi Quan is a hard hitting, sophisticated, style of Chinese boxing, first created in the 1600s it is descended from the battlefields of Ming Dynasty China, evolved over time to be used by bodyguards, professional security agencies and prize fighters throughout the 1700s and 1800s.


Today the art is still relevant whether you want to learn it for it's excellent self protection qualities, for inclusion within Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or sport combat, to stay healthy, fit and strong, or for more esoteric, spiritual and personal development purposes.


Xing Yi Academy promotes a balanced and realistic view to learning Xing Yi Quan. Every step, each lesson, they are all focused on providing in depth, practical methods that can be used immediately.  Methods that are simple and effective but can be continued to be refined for as long as you continue to practice the art. 


The Xing Yi Academy system has amazing depth and detail. As well as the Foundational teachings of the Five Elements, each of the 12 animals is its own martial art in itself. You can focus on those aspects or animals you are strongest or most natural with or take a strategic approach and work with those that highlight specific abilities or tactics. Advanced training involves working on the more meditative and esoteric aspects of the art, the Xin (Spirit), Yi (Intention), and Qi (Energy).



Included within Full and Premium Memberships or available to purchase upfront for lifetime access

Foundations is a comprehensive course in Five Elements Xing Yi, taking you from the ground up it covers everything to become proficient in the Five Elements of Xing Yi Quan in a solid practical, no nonsense manner.  Rolled out over 42 weeks the course is carefully crafted to work at a pace to allow you to progress and learn.  Over 85 lesson pages with training notes, media, and video covering theory, follow along demonstrations, drills and exercises.  Learn the fundamental principles of Xing Yi in depth, not just the surface level of movements and techniques but what goes on behind them, the body mechanics, the energy work, and strategies. More than 80 video lessons and a extra resources to ensure your Xing Yi understanding is complete.  Xing Yi Academy also offers support to our members, send in video for review, email questions, or engage with the community on Facebook and Slack.


Access to Foundations of Xing Yi Quan is included within the Full and Premium Memberships (see above), if you only want Foundations as a stand alone course without Xing Yi Academy membership then click the button below to find out more


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